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Yu Ye-jin  |  yui8878@hanyang.ac.kr
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[337호] 승인 2018.03.05  
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Im Gyu-baek

Division of Business Administration 13 

I have a lot of experience with team projects at university. If I were to give tips about doing team projects, it would be ‘Distribute roles’ and ‘Be the presenter’. As you form a team, you can make good use of your time by thoroughly distributing roles. I prefer to be a presenter when working with a team. If you are the presenter, you can give a strong impression to the professor and hopefully make a good impression of your team too. In my case, when I was the team presenter, I had a relatively better score compared to when I wasn’t one. Moreover, the five team members I met in my first team project are still my close friends, and we still keep in touch with one another steadily. Team projects can be a way to create precious bonds. 




Kim Seong-joon

Department of History 13

I had a team project in my major course. It was during my Sophomore year, but I did not participate well at that time. I was not assertive because my teammates were mostly seniors. So I did not get a good grade. I prefer to be alone, and I do not like to be the leader because it is a heavy job for me. There are many people around me who think negatively about team projects as well. Therefore, if you have a personal tendency like me, I recommend you to take a class without having to participate in team projects. 




Lee Su-hyeon

Department of Korean Traditional Music 17

During the Korean Traditional Music Theory course, I had to present about a traditional music called Yeongsan-hoesang as a team project. The professor asked us to first introduce the song, and then play it with instruments. We were so nervous to perform as a team for the first time in college that we ended up introducing and playing at the same time by accident. However, the professor said that it was a fresh presentation, and as a result, the score was good. Because of this experience, I felt that effective time management is important, such as time distribution between team members, for future presentations. 




Kim Sang-hon

Department of Policy Studies 12

There are not many team projects in our major due to its characteristics. Therefore, I have only been able to experience team projects in liberal arts courses, not in my major subjects. My team project experiences were in a philosophy class and a debating class, and I got a good score in both classes. Since, I was the oldest of all, I was the team leader twice. Although some of my teammates were Freshmen, they followed as I asked them to, so for that reason the projects ended well. Some of my friends have said that they had a hard time while doing team projects, but I had fun while doing it, so I thought, ‘Why does everyone else have a hard time? Was I lucky?’ 

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