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ERICA’s HY-CDP Opens an Employment Research Program
Park Jun-a  |  soyeon2566@hanyang.ac.kr
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[339호] 승인 2018.09.03  
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The Career Development Program (HYCDP) of Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus newly opened a six-hour summer vacation course for students struggling to prepare their résumé. ‘Life of Employment Research for Starters’ provides individual consultations according to their qualifications and future career plans. An expert consultant took charge in this course and provided various programs such as cover letter modifications, CV clinics, simulated job interviews. This program helped to stabilize the apprehensive job-hunting process by thoroughly analyzing the latest job trends and writing one’s cover letter through a strategy based on experience. A unique aspect of this program was that the class was divided into two, based on the students’ majors. Students majoring in the engineering field concentrated on being an expert when dealing with high technology, which is a new form of technology to be introduced along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The other students that major in liberal arts, business, art, music, and physical education prepared to be an amalgamated individual with diverse majors. Ahn Hyejoo, an employment consultant of HYCDP said, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it. Employment can be stressful but with the help of our consultants, I am sure that you can overcome this conundrum with less frustration. Since this project is expected to continue annually, HY-CDP awaits your participation.”

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