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Autumn Festivals, Hallow: Hanyang
An Se-bin  |  busybean11@hanyang.ac.kr
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[340호] 승인 2018.11.18  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

From November 11th to 12th “Battle of the Capitals” took place in Hanyang University (HYU). It was made possible thanks to the club associations of both HYU and Seoul National University (SNU) deciding to actively interact in a friendly but competitive event. While the event was progressed through four areas; performance, academics, sports and display events, the performance and arts took place at HYU. Although it only lasted for two days in HYU, students from both universities could feel the energy of the battling capitals and enjoy their time at the festival. On the first day of the festival at HYU, there was a friendly competition between the performance clubs of two universities. The singing clubs and the dance clubs showcased their talents, and the crowd cheered them on as they sang or danced to the students’ favorite songs. It was overall a very upbeat event with everyone engaging and cheering on regardless of which university they belonged to.

On the second day, of the festival at HYU, there no longer was SNU students, but still enough crowd filled the Outdoor Theater. There was an event where HYU students could learn the school cheering song. Students cheered on with the cheering team and sang the school’s fight song, waving the blue plastic bag in the air. Also, as a celebrity guest, Zion-T came, singing all of his famous songs and more that the crowd never had a chance to rest and truly enjoyed the festival to their fullest. Through these events, students could get a rest from the stressful college life, and enjoy their time with good music, events and friends.

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