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Listen to Hang won ParkHow do you express your fashion sense during the winter?
Lee Hye-in  |  ihyein503@hanyang.ac.kr
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Lee Sung-woo

Department of Finance and Business 19

Personally, I think long padded jackets are everyone’s best options during the winter. I also wear them frequently, if not every day. However, for a more stylish transition, I often layer my clothes. Layering a number of clothes can help me catch both style and warmth. Personally, I prefer clothes in a beige or purple shade especially in winter. The color beige gives off a warm feeling, so I think it’s suitable for the cold weather. For shoes, I usually buy pairs in achromatic colors like white or grey because they are easy to match with any clothing. I also occasionally wear walkers depending on my mood.




Baek Gyeong-ho

Department of Economics and Finance 15

I recently bought a padded vest which is a trend I have been interested in this season. I find it convenient yet stylish because it is compact but at the same time an effective way to stay warm. This might be a little off track, but I am planning on buying a matching pair of fleeces with my girlfriend. We both think that a fleece is a stylish trend to look forward to. You can use it as a main item of your overall look, or you can layer it inside a long-padded jacket or coat. I don’t really have a preferred color for clothes, but I usually buy black colored clothes, simply because it is easy to match them with anything.




Casper Van Den Berg

Department of Business 17

I usually like to wear long coats. I think long outers give off a sophisticated feeling and at the same time, help me stay warm in winter. Coats in general are a preferable fashion item because they are classy and stylish so I don’t really have to be too concerned about inners or other accessories and garments. Even now I am wearing a grey hoodie and depending on whether the coat is on or off really changes the overall image of my look. I personally like the color dark blue or navy. Those colors match with other colors without much difficulty, making it easier for me to style my outfits.




David Schulz

Department of Business 17

Turtlenecks are definitely an item that I like to wear when choosing my outfits. I feel that turtlenecks are a very classic form of inners or any clothing. A turtleneck gives off a cozy feeling and is warm to wear in cold weather. It goes along with many other clothes like jackets. I really like all sort of jackets and leather jackets in particular. I feel that they give off a dandy and modern feeling so I use them frequently when styling my outfits. There isn’t a specific color that I prefer when shopping for clothes, but I do try to envision which color would best suit the rest of my clothes. 

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