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Could Sports Make Us Happy?
By Lee Bong-jun  |  bj35sea@hanyang.ac.kr
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[5호] 승인 2009.04.06  
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   Nowadays, many people are concerned about the field of sports. Each person feels both sad and happy when watching the sports game. It looks like sports is the most important thing to people. In a newspaper, the athletic section is the second most popular section following the social section. Sports newspapers are the most popular reading among subway commuters.

  Kim Yuna and Part Tae-hwan have become stars with the peak of the sports mania craze across the nation. They are the hopes and stars for many Koreans including children who skate figure on the ice or swim. Remarkably, each has been selected as one of the most impressive people in Korea.
  During the World Baseball Classic (WBC) qualifying game, the main television news turned to the sports news. The baseball game was more important that day than politics or the economy. During the last matches between Korea and Japan, the main news dealt with the big Korea-Japan rivalry through the baseball game. People said “It is OK to be defeated in a game because it is only a game. However, Korea must be victorious if the match is with Japan.” Displeasure against Japan was revived during these games.
  Sports is one of the 3S : Screen, Sex and Sports. These are dangerous things because they have a distraction. People may not concentrate on their work if they fall into these interests. It is hard to know what people can do about this obsession.
  Meanwhile, there is an economic crisis cloud. The Korean Stock Price Index (KOSPI) is falling and the exchange rate is changing day in and day out. Politicians’ credibility has gone down during this or the presidential election. The opinion of a majority of people is many Politicians do not take an interest in how to promote national prosperity but in how to access political power.
  On campus, there are also several problems. It is getting more difficult to get a job after graduation these days. Campuses have turned to one of the educational institutes for employment. Other problems include the discussion about a Unit System, a new Central Library and the election of a new president for the General Student Association (GSA).
  There are too many affairs all around the world. Among these affairs, what can make us happy? Someone said, maybe, there is nothing except sports.

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