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IEAS Holds Seminar on Ebola Virus
Kim Geun-pyo  |  zhfldk9887@hanyang.ac.kr
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[324호] 승인 2014.12.01  
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Euro African Studies(IEAS) at Hanyang University hosted a colloquium on the Ebola virus and ways to cope with the disease. IEAS invited Jung Jun-ho, a parasitologist, who has the experience of volunteering in Africa for a year. The colloquium was held in order to discuss what actions should be taken in response to the spreading of the Ebola virus in Korea.

The main reason for opening the seminar was to address the possibility of a potential Ebola outbreak in Korea. Since the government decided to send medical assistants to Africa, there are those who are concerned about the possible exposure of Korean doctors and nurses to the virus. In fact, some members of the public believe those who were dispatched should be separated from society upon their return to Korea. However, the seminar concluded that the public should not be overly fearful of the virus, as it cannot spread infection directly through the air, contrary to what some people have imagined. Therefore, the seminar claimed there is no need for the doctors and nurses to be completely isolated when they return back to Korea. “Ebola is not as serious as the general public think. The government needs to inform the public about the actual facts of the virus by distributing information in the form of infographics for example, on the disease,” said Kim Sung-soo, a Professor in the Major in Political Science and Diplomacy, who is also the Director of IEAS.

In this colloquium, the relief team of World Vision International as well as several journalists have participated to discuss issues relating to the Ebola virus.


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