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The Paiknam Library is The Heart of Hanyang
An Se-bin  |  busybean11@hanyang.ac.kr
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[338호] 승인 2018.06.04  
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Last February, Hanyang University’s Paiknam Library received a group prize at the 50th Korea Library Awards ceremony. Every year, out of several public libraries, university libraries, specialized libraries, and 1,342 member institutions nationwide, The Korean Library Association chooses to award the institution that has contributed to the development of other Korean libraries. In other words, this award is the best prize in the field of libraries. In order to receive this award, the Paiknam Library showed efforts in various fields. Just to name a few, the library worked to cultivate the field of humanities within university students and it contributed to spreading various events based on reading. Furthermore, the library acted as a model to other national universities by meeting the needs of users through improvements of library space and holding seminars to share these results. Holding a presidential position twice for the ‘Korean Association of Private University Libraries’ and by supporting the electronic resources consortium contributed to receiving this group prize. The Paiknam Library has remodeled the lobby space and electronic information search room on the first floor in 2017 to provide a comfortable resting area and  discussion space, along with a space to watch movies and use other multimedia devices. In continuation, in the first half of this year, the first-floor office space and the underground reading room space will be transformed into a space for learning, research, creativity, and fusion thinking for the fourth industrial revolution, and digital conversion for discussions and resting. When the remodeling process is completed, the first floor space will be reorganized as a cultural space for students. The associated Dean, Hong Yong-pyo said, “Rather than coping with change, I think we need to develop and prepare services by anticipating change.”

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